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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 8, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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could she also sent out to the house which aspects of the contract she is apparent in re-examining. finally, the prime minister was involved in discussions around all the challenges to security. at the complex brutal conflicts continue across the middle east, i agree we need a global response to these challenges. the human cost of the refugee crisis including the fastest routing each year must be our number one can turn and our number one humanitarian response. that's why i remain concerned at the security strategy also apparently increased after export to the part of the world that most threat to security. the government continues to sell our saudi arabia which are being used to commit crimes against humanity in jenin, which has been clearly detailed by the u.n. and other independent agents these. for the prime minister commit
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today to halting saudi arabia that have been used to prosecute the war in yemen with the humanitarian devastation resulted from not? >> prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and the right honorable gentleman raised a number of issues at first of all, he referred to the question of hate crimes that have taken place in the united kingdom. we have a proud history of welcoming people and there's no place in our society that the government has published a new action plan to take action against hate crime and we are concerned about the levels of hate crime we have seen. i right honorable friend met earlier this week to discuss a particular concern about attacks that have taken place here in the u.k. and we are very clear that they will act robustly in relation to hate crime anybody
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who's been a big fan should take those obligations to the police. he taught about the issue of "the doing and i did cover this earlier. just to reiterate it, what we will be doing as they negotiate is negotiating a new relationship with the european union that will include control of the movement to people from the e.u. to the u.k. i don't think the right honorable gentleman referred to that. but it will be about getting the right tilt to the trade in goods and services we want to see, but it will be a new relationship. as i indicated in my statement and the prime minister's questions earlier i will not be given a running commentary on our negotiations. there's a very good reason for doing that. we want to get the best deal. we want to get the right deal for the united kingdom and if we were to give a constant running
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commentary to give away or negotiating hand, that would not be what we would achieve. he referred to the issue of steel. i did raise the issue of overproduction and this is important because it wasn't just being raised with the chinese government. it was all the leaders around a table, crucially recognized the significance and recognize the issue of the steps some governments are taking, which are leading to the problems we see. that is why the new ford has been introduced, which will be looking at these issues and the chinese will be sitting on that for them. they will be part of those discussions. i said it before and i'll say it again. i hope and looking at the details in the analysis of the decision will be made later this month. in saudi arabia, and that the deputy crown prince at the g20.
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i did raise that had concerns about the report of what has happened in jenin. i insist they should be properly investigated. ..
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because this government has a fine record in terms of what we've done in humanitarian support. it's education, girls and others around the world and in helping people access to prep -- water and resources they need. but it is free trade that underpins our growth. we will be the global leader in free trade, if we could is also the best anti-poverty policy for those countries. i will be and i'm ashamed, unashamedly will go out there and get the message that we -- i'm sorry the labour party is turning its back on something that is let to the prosperity of the united kingdom. >> may i congratulate my right arm of a friend on her emphatic support for free trade? in the european union we
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currently run a deficit with the of the 27 member states. according to the office of national statistics of 62 billion a year. however, we run a surplus for the same goods and services with the rest of the world of over 30 billion which went up by about 10 billion last year alone. will my right honorable friend continue her crusade for free trade to develop our world opportunities through brexit and to make sure that the european commission and the european union no longer continues to write our trade policy? will do it ourselves and do it really well. >> my honorable friend is right. we have an opportunity that i want to ensure that we are ambitious and seizing the opportunities to develop those trade deals around the world. we will be bill voting that new relationship referred to the opinion which will be part of which will be how we would be trading with the eu in relation
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to goods and services but we had the opportunity to develop those trading relationships around the rest of the world. we can't formally opened those, how those deals in place and operating until we leave the european union but we can do the preparation to make sure the other when we need them. >> angus robertson. >> can i thank the prime minister for an advance copy of her statement. in one area i agree of course that you 20 some was very much cast with the brexit vote and her own brexit brainstorming from the previous week. i read one report which said what brexit appeared to be an apogee 20 was the prime minister getting shunted to the back of the leaders group photo, he breathed against by the americans and the japanese, and then left to pick up the fact that mexico, australia and singapore have expressed -- conservatives on the other side don't like it but this is other people are viewing the united kingdom internationally at the
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present time. mr. speaker, g20 leaders are as keen as us all. to actually learn what on earth the uk government plans are for leaving the european union. i asked the prime minister twice during prime minister's questions are really, really simple question. since then she said at a quote that she's not giving a running commentary which seems more like no commentary whatsoever. and that she's not going to comment on every twist and turn. can i say to the prime minister, being a full member of the european single market and start a twist. it is not a turn. it is fundamental to business across the united kingdom. as she expect to be able to hold that for three years and not confirm whether she actually wants the uk prevent a full member of the single market was that she won the uk to remain fully within the single market, yes or no? it's not that difficult. on trade we know that the united states and pretty much every other country wants a trade deal with the european union. ahead of the united kingdom and
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a trade deal with the uk only answered, after the european union leads. can the prime minister tell us how many trade negotiators the government has hired since the referendum? on immigration, mr. speaker, we learn the promise of a points-based immigration system is being ditched. at the same time the uk government has plans to triple its a policy first mooted by donald trump and build a wall. is the prime minister not totally ashamed? surely she can come up with something better than this. and on specific fund the questions that i ask her, voters were promised, they were promised if they voted leave that the national health service would receive an extra 350 million pounds a week. a week. if they voted to leave the european union you. will the prime minister confirm that this promise like the
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immigration promise made by the leave campaign is being broken? mr. speaker, a very important question that really matters to a lot of people in coastal communities in scotland is about the funding that they were due to receive of more than 100 million euros from the european maritime and fisheries funds between now and 2023. there has been no commitment whatsoever from the uk government to wander about funding round. will she give it now? >> reqs mr. speaker, it has been very problematic in recent weeks to have a deal with the situation where the prime minister's party has suggested that eu citizens should not participate fully in scottish public life. we on these benches totally repudiate that narrowminded, racist, position.
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the prime minister shaking her head. she should be aware of this. she should be aware of this. [shouting] >> will she take the opportunity to disassociate her party from this, apologize for it, and confirm that we value the contribution of european union citizens living in this country, and we are grateful for it. finally, mr. speaker, the prime minister -- [shouting] spent as the right honorable gentleman has taken place as much time as he was allocated, punctuated by some interruptions, it is true, i trust his last sentence will be updated when. spirit and the prime minister has not had time yet to make an oral statement to the house on the important matter of the estates review of the m.o.d. so will she confirm the commitment the government has given to communities that there will be consultation with them before final decisions and announcements are made?
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>> and extreme important matter but it's not obvious to me how it pertains to the g20. prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i will try to limit my response to the key issues that i referred to in my statement at the right i will generally take the. first of all cannot just sit on on this issue of immigration. he says a points-based system has been rejected. what the people of the united kingdom before on the 23rd of june as part of the vote to leave the european union was to have control over people who are moving from the european union into the united kingdom. a points-based system does not give you that control. what a points-based system does it means anybody who meets a certain set of criteria is automatically allowed to enter the country. it does not give the government the opportunity of the control and making decisions as to who can enter the country. and it is that degree of control, the issue of control that we will be looking for as
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we decide to relationship will have with the european union in future. thing he said a lot about trade deals with other countries, about the eu, about opportunities and so forth. can i just make a very few points to him on this. what i saw at the g20 in my discussions with a number of the world leaders want a great willingness to seize the opportunities that come from the uk leading the european union, to do exactly this sort of trade deals my honorable friends has just been referring to. i think we should as a united kingdom be willing to seize those opportunities. we should be ambitious in the deals we wish to do a round the world. we should be the global leader in free trade. we should be taking those opportunities and ensuring that as really the european union we are able to have the relationships that will ensure growth and prosperity for the whole of the united kingdom, including growth and prosperity to scotland.
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>> mr. crispin blunt. >> thank you, mr. speaker. at the g20 with the deputy conference she would've met the foreign minister who is now in london. is she as delighted as i am that he made clear to parliamentarian's this point that we can at the gcc to the list of those part of the world seeking united trade deal with united kingdom? >> yes, i echo the comments of my honorable friend. i am pleased that has been reiterated was an issue in fact i discussed with the deputy prints, and the police the gcc are in that position, too. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i think the prime minister for statement and for early sight of the. australia today has joined america at the g20 last week in slopping our government telling us what are, in fact, at the back of the queue or a trade deal. the plain fact is that this government is not concealing its hand. it hasn't got a hand or it would appear a clue. so will they prime minister take
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this opportunity to reassure business and confirm that we will remain a member of the european single market? will she agreed that we trusted the british people with a question of our departure so we should trust them with the question of our destination? and for whatever deal she negotiates to the british people in a referendum. >> can i say to the honorable gentleman, he referred to the marks been made by the australian trade minister. the australian trade minister has done is recently set up with a legal position is there and i mentioned it in response to an earlier point, and the legal position is a this, that we are not able to finally sign a put into place, put into practice trade deals with other countries while we remain a member of the european union. that is just the situation the it doesn't mean we can't prepare for the. it doesn't mean we can't be negotiating, discussing about that. but what i'm also very clear about is as long as we are
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fermented of the european union, until the point which we live, we will be advocates of free trade. we will be advocates for those trade deals in the european union is negotiate with your -- of the country. i gave that commitment. i've given that commitment to present obama in relation to the ttip a negotiation on ttip we will play our full part but at the same time we will be looking to have those discussions which will enable us when believe european union to have a trade deals that will give us the growth and prosperity that we want. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. can i congratulate the prime minister in which you quite rightly put forward the huge benefits of free trade? i know she will be aware and should concern those of in the financial automotive sector but in the consequences if we were to abandon our membership of the single market which, of course, ensures that we can trade three of custom duties and with all the benefits that it confers. and while she's right to say that we don't want to run a
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comic of what faces us, could i urge her to consider we do need some principles on what assurances can she give us about custom duties and tariffs of that single market? >> i say to my friend actually recognize the important role our automotive industry plays in the united kingdom. i was pleased a few days ago to visit jaguar ran over -- and huge success they have brought it and doesn't say the growth continues in that company. as regards this issue of the language that she's about membership of us about membership of a single worker access to single market and so forth, what i would say is this. what i said earlier and i repeat again is we want the right to you for trade in goods and services to the united kingdom. this is about thing when we're outside the european union, what is the right relationship for us to have with the european union
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on trade. that is what i think it's important for us not to silver think of this as trying to replicate something here or something they're not actually say what is the deal that we want for the future. that's the work the department for exiting the european union is doing at the moment, looking and particularly talking to different sectors in the automotive industry will be one of those sectors. to ask what it is that they would be looking for, what they want to see. so that we can forge that give and go out, be ambitious and get it. >> three months ago the international syria support group agreed to back as a last resort airdrops to deliver much needed humanitarian supplies to the siege areas of the country including a level. since been you then your thing e right things that has been russian missiles and syria and -- including yesterday chlorine, and chemical weapon. canada prime minister tell the house based on our discussions
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about the situation in syria, the g20, whether that commitment still holds and if so when she expects, she met generally to finally get through by whatever means the people of suffered for so long? >> i think i can get the right honorable gentleman reassurance that commitment is still there. the situation on the ground has as he said made it incredibly difficult for the delivery of that commitment. the issue of humanity in a beginning into aleppo was an issue i raised directly with president putin with my discussions with them. the right honorable gentleman referred to concern about this with weaponry that is being used by potentially, by the syrian regime. we have been very clear in our opposition as he will no to what is happening relationship with very concerned about reports come forward. it's important that those reports be properly looked at, but longer-term we remain committed to the political
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transition in syria, if that transition will be a political transition to a syria without president assad. >> i'm very pleased to hear the prime minister's full support for free trade in the underpinning of our prosperity in britain. i had thought until i listened to the leader of the opposition that was widely shared on both sides of the house. given that it isn't and also the worrying as we are from both of the candidates in the u.s. presidential election, both of which sound not terribly enthusiastic about free trade can she make a policy of recovered to campaign both in the united kingdom to argue for the merits of free trade and also on the global stage? >> can i say to my right honorable friend be expressed his surprise but i think this is prize on the side of the house when the leader of the opposition showed his hand that he was in favor of free trade. indeed, i suspect there are many
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members on the labour party benches who were surprised to hear that this is the policy of the labour party. we will be advocates and strong advocates for free trade as a right honorable friend has suggested. we will be ensuring we take that message. as he says it is free trade that underpins us. >> like the other member we understand this is an early stage of negotiation but it would be hopeful to know more about what she values and the negotiations are water aims are. she talked a lot about free trade but it's still resisting saying what she actually thinks of the ultimate expression of free trade in europe, which is the single market. so please could you tell us, clear up confusion from yesterday, does she value membership of the single market? does she think it should be and and/or unobjective of the negotiations and that we should be drawing to state and if we can? >> i have to say i have answered
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this question on a number of occasions already. [shouting] and she will find that she can come people ask me a question an collective and a question collective and answered that if asked the same question they will get the same answer. so that's i think it perfectly reasonable a perfectly normal. what i say is the aim that we have is to get the right deals in trade in goods and services with the eu. but this will be a new relationship. we will be looking to develop a new model of the relationship between the uk and the european union, and we will not as i said earlier be setting out every negotiating and benefits of entering those negotiations. that will be the best way to come out with the worst deal. >> can i welcome my right honorable friend, i relations wh the international concern about some of the edges of the market economy that must be made to work for everyone. on global security, could i ask
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my right honorable friend from way back support attempts by the searing coalition to bring forward their own proposals to settle the matter? and could she urge the respective powers that have an interest in competing interest in syria that the longer they go on fighting over the bodies of the people of syria, the more the risk to global security will continue and that this opportunity need be present in blood is made when it should certainly be taken? >> i absolutely agree with comments by right of a friend has made. this is an important point with the syrian opposition coming together into meeting that is taking place here. and i also agree that as we look at global security, actually what we want to see, is deceived into the conflict to the conflict that is taking place in syria. i continue to believe that as the conflict continues in syria and the actions of the syrian regime under president assad, it
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isn't that what we saw encouraging people to join terrorist organizations to go out there and to fight and potentially to return to come to other countries and to conduct those terrorist attacks. we must see and must ensure that we are playing our part as ugly the uk is today in hosting phishing opposition in peace talks and ensuring we can bring an end to the conflict. >> can i think the prime minister for her statement, and can i commend her for her common sense realism in terms of for approach to negotiating our exit from the european union? it isn't like for a lot of the criticisms and contrary that come from those who advocated, perfect legitimate point of view but demonstrates a lack of respect for the decision the british people as a whole have now made big it is time to get on with making the best of that anyway that she is proposing to do.
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i certainly offer our support in these benches and our party and the support of the first minister to try to achieve the best possible deal for all of the united kingdom ever northern ireland in protective gear on terrorism can ask or simply this, can she ensure that more action is done to bring greater deterrent for those who go around preaching hatred and radicalization of young people in the united kingdom, more needs to be done to send strong sentences, to ensur ensure strog senses are passable act as a deterrent in future? >> can i think in for this word is getting the government in the post is taken but i think it is a sensible way to go forward in relation to these negotiations. i want to ensure that the edged of northern ireland are fully taken into account in the work that we do and that was a message i gave when i visited northern ireland shortly after i became prime minister. in fact, the message i've given to all the magicians can that we want the full engagements we can
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sure the interest of the whole united kingdom are taken into account. on the issue of terrorism that is mentioned, it is important that we deal with those who preach hatred. we've seen the centers yesterday. this whole question of the radicalization of young people particularly but radicalization of people generally, online or in other ways is an important one that we need to address. i want to see good as he said sentences that i could give a very clear message that this is not acceptable activity for people to be involved in but also we need to do the work that we're doing, for example, during the counterterrorism met small unit, the work in europe and the work we are doing to actually promote mainstream voices against the preachers of hate. >> from her discussion with other world leaders at the g20,
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will my right honorable friend ensure that small and medium-sized businesses are at the heart of future trade negotiations, including the many successful local businesses will be attempting my job fair on friday the? >> can i commend my honorable friend are holding her job fair on friday? i'm sure there will be many opportunities given by local businesses there and many people will be able to take those opportunities will benefit from that jobs are. small and medium-sized enterprises will play an important role. are in the summer i had a meeting at number 10 downing street with a number of small and medium-sized businesses and those representing smes. what struck me was the optimism about the opportunities that are not available to the united kingdom and their willingness to play their part in taking up those opportunities and encouraging the prosperity we want to see for everyone in our country. >> does she accept that britain, like all developed economies
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with aging populations, need to import labour to drive? and, therefore, would not be an act of extreme self harm for us to give up our full and unfettered access to the single market as to the dogmatic and arbitrary desire to reduce immigration? >> i think the judgment. arbitrate undogmatic desire to reduce immigration. we recognize the impact that uncontrolled immigration can have on people, particularly those at the low income, lower end of the income scale. and also i think the right honorable gentleman needs to consider carefully the message that the british people gave in to vote on the 23rd of june. i think a vote to tell us they wanted to see becom the governoe to take control of people moving from european union into the 19 can and that is what we will do. >> if you come to my constituency a drive along,
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you'll see the leaks and recover, going up. there are huge steel constructions going up him and to live up to oppose be pleased to know that it's 100% british steel that is being used. and does not coming out of the eu give us an opportunity, if necessary, to deal with chinese a dumping of steel? but could ask the prime minister in particular, whether she would find time next year to come and see rushton likes? in a particular, they have some very good shoe shops. [laughter] >> i thank my friend may just have sealed the deal, mr. speaker. can't i commend and welcome the fact that development is using whenever set uk steel. that's very good. i think we need to look at this issue as overcapacity and overproduction, not just as an individual country or indeed the
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eu but globally which is why it's so important that this is on the agenda for the cheektowaga for this new form is being set up with chinese representation. >> i believe in enterprise and wealth creation. they have both said actually it cannot attacks going for develop in countries is paid able fast dwarf that of a support they get to internationally. could ask the prime minister given a statement on tax avoidance and given that we now public and backcountry boarding, how she will make that a priority for the g20? >> i was able to refer in my interventions at the g20 two this important issue about tax avoidance and the work that needs to be taken to i think the g20 has been playing a leading role actually in addressing this issue and in galvanizing action to relation to this issue. there's a number of initiatives that are taking place both in
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relation to as i said the whole question of those people who were able to try these different jurisdictions to recess the payment of taxes debate has been taken. i was referred to this is that pushing forward on that particular initiative that there are other things like providing support to developing countries for them to double to collect taxes in those countries such that is needed and that should be being collected. and initiatives like the antitax initiative also import. we have played a leading role in detroit on his attitude toward is doubling a global important role. >> i congratulate my right honorable friend particular version of the g20 summit to raise the issue of slavery? can to try to outline what four steps can be taken to engage with countries around the world to eradicate this evil practice? >> i'm grateful to my honorable friend for raising the question
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of modern slavery but i think it is hugely important, and if we do need to be doing more about it. i am encouraging people ou out n the first a look at initiative we've taken, the legislation would taken that we should of course -- the first of its kind but also more we can do between law enforcement agencies working together and other government agencies working together to ensure that we stamp out the terrible organized crime groups that are behind this terrible crime of modern slavery. in doing that we must never forget that takes place in the uk with uk individuals being taken into slavery, too. we mustn't just think it's a global issue. we need to act globally and also act locally. >> why did the prime minister authorized the very public dressing down of the brexit sector nearly for telling the house that membership o of the single market of removing a people came together? isn't possible the brexit sector whose belief in the stuff for
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years has supported about this than the prime minister husband at brexit care for a matter of weeks? can we in this house for additional practice where ministers of discipline for misleading the house as opposed to the -- telling the truth? [laughter] spent i don't recognize the picture the right honorable gentleman holds up, set up it to suggest it was clear and make a outcomes and this is not a zero-sum game and as i said in response to the questions on this come the government is closer we're going to go out and get the right deal for the united kingdom. add-on negotiating a new relationship with the eu. >> isn't it the vital in this brexit period that we maintain confidence? but isn't it the case that actually with the opportunity to forge new global trade deals with record low interest rates and with the opportunity to free ourselves from burdensome regulation? isn't difficult time to invest in the united kingdom? was used for of such is the g20
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continued to make this case? >> i thank my friend that i very happy to disappeared i was doing that in hangzhou at the g20 summit but it is also the case i think we must welcome the vote of confidence that has been given in the united kingdom since the vote to leave the eu was taking place, single biggest vote of confidence came from the japanese company with a 24 billion fast but in arm. we've seen investment from companies like glaxosmithkline as well. this is a time to be confident about the british economy. the fundamentals of the british economy are very strong and we want to encourage the investment to take place in the uk and that is exactly what i, this government will be doing. [inaudible] conservative, i quote i would expect the new prime minister on september 92 immediately trigger
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a large round of global trade deals with all our most favorite trade -- [inaudible] can ask the prime minister, can she confirm that she'll be able to trigger these in today's time on friday as predicted by her secretary of state, in which countries will be involved? >> i say to the right honorable gentleman, i have been involved in discussions with countries on trade, free trade deals that we can develop your i was doing that the weekend at the g20 summit with a number of countries. i listed some of them in my statement earlier. there were others, too, and i'm pleased at the opportunities we have a opportunities we have been doing is other countries had to sit down around the table and talk about trade deals. >> to be free and to work for everyone, for of corruption. could you update us on the discussion on tackling corruption at the summit and
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taken for the actions -- earlier this year? perhaps explain how some of the countries are less keen on taking actions in responding to that? >> my honorable friend is right. it is important that we deal with corruption if we're going to be able to see free trade deals, people trading for around the world. but also in some countries it is sadly corruption that gets in wainthe way of being able to dep their economies and people in those countries being able to take the benefits that economic development can bring. the g20 was collectively clear that they wanted to continue the anticorruption work that is being done. i myself made specific reference to the international anticorruption court nations in which while setting up your in london and another of countries are joining us in that. that's going to be one part of the action we need to take but i
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can assure my honorable friend that the g20 was very clear we need to continue to press on the outcomes of the anticorruption summit that we had here in london. >> many people are not getting a share of globalization especially in this country. to ask the prime minister what specific measures she and other leaders agreed at the g20 to deal with the problem to ensure benefits are given a more equally? >> the honorabl honorable gentls right as i refer to in my statement that was a collective agreement at going to comment i made from the united kingdom that we need to ensure the benefits of globalization benefits of economic government exposure among people. there's a number of steps we need to do in order to ensure that the in some countries it is about dealing with corruption. there's a number of other areas. i refer to the work on corporate responsibility that was picked
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up and echoed by a number of leaders around the g20 table. to our commitment remains absolutely strong. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. i very much welcome the government's announcing this week that it plans to ban plastic microbeads in many cosmetic products, including face scrubs and toothpaste. and i would request that as well as the moral stances that this government takes at forums like the g20 on anti-slavery and on ensuring free markets, that we continue to be world leaders in environmental policies, affording those we can protect arm marine, wildlife and the rest of the planet. spent i think my honorable friend for the comes amid about the decision we take it on microbeads the they have an impact on marine life and it's right that we are benefits in certain products.
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this is another area where the uk can be leaving. we seem to be lead on issues like climate change, and i think this whole wider area of environment concerns is one in which we can lead to. >> public services are exempt from pashtun which the uk is party to. will she update public service exemption clause from all future post-brexit uk treaties? >> i refer the honorable gentleman to the references i made earlier to this sort of approach that we are taking where we are not setting out a state with details of any particular negotiation, that we're going to take part in relation to look at reviews. we will go out and get the right deals for the united kingdom. >> i welcome the prime minister is positive statements today.
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the uk, the northwest cheshire, manchester and liverpool can rightly be proud of our crew strength in science. can my right honorable friend confirm that these sectors will continue to be absolutely essential to what the government does with the northern powerless for its new industrial strategy but also they will be central to the new trade deals that are so vital to the future of our economy? >> i thank my honorable friend for that question. it enables me actually to be called for don't think i responded to one of the points made by the honorable member earlier. we and he talked about the north about custom this government remains absolutely committed to the northern powerhouse. a development we have seen in the source of crucially a new industries and looking at new scientific develop it such that my honorable friend has referred to. i can ensuring that as we look to these new trade deals will
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also be looking to the sort of a government that can take place in the sort of decisions we can take which ensures we are not just looking at trade. if you like traditional goods and services, a practicing what more can we do, what can we develop for the future, and include those. >> i'd like to thank the prime minister for clarifying that brexit was wrong to roll up membership to the single market the perform sector was wrong, after international trade secretary was wrong to say we are living the customs union. but isn't it the case, mr. speaker, that if you want to strike trade deals with non-eu countries, and i am somebody who appreciates the value of free trade deals, we will have to leave the unit that will bring bad news for uk businesses and for foreign direct investment? >> i'm not going to be what i said or written relation to the
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steps were taken on negotiation to all of which is encourage the honorable lady to take her leaders to want to point out the benefits of free trade given what he said in the chamber today. >> i'm delighted to the prime minister's commitment to free trade but and respects free trade is on the retreat in the world today. global levels of trade and investment are on the decline. we've seen the kind of alike as one congressman from presidential candidates. and even your misinformation and scare mongering from some quarters in recent years leading to an erosion in the benefits of free trade amongst even our own constituents. with the prime minister agree given the centrality of free trade and sign agreements to the future of our economy now is the time to put aside that scaremongering, particularly i'm afraid in some parts of the leftist british politics and believe in free trade and its ability to work for everyone? >> my honorable friend as the important point. it was significant that the g20
4:43 am
was very clear that we want to take action on protectionism. we didn't want this to the point my friend has made is a very valid one. it was all to discuss at the g20 which is the need for all who support free trade to go out and make the case for it. and to show the benefits of that free trade can bring. and because as i said earlier and i think has been universally echoed on the conservative benches, on the government benches, it is free trade that underpins our economic growth and underpins our prosperity. >> given as we understand comments made by the secretary of state for exiting the european union on monday at the dispatch box rdb regard as per something as did oppose a government policy and considering that the remarks made by the secretary of state of international trade in were led to the custom units required to be change, isn't it the case that prime minister is to continually amended statements and comments made by her newly
4:44 am
appointed ministers? can ask why she made those appointments in the first place? >> well, the honorable lady has referred to matters in previous question. i answered embrace questions at i suggest she take the answer i've given before. >> prime minister support this venture recent investment by the japanese firm. i wonder if you could give the house a bit more about the reassurance season-ticket overseas companies to enable them to continue to invest in the uk as a center of excellence in manufacturing? >> i'm very pleased to say, we encourage congress to invest in the united kingdom. i think it was real opportunities in the uk. we are a center of excellence in certain areas in terms of manufacture i think is on for earlier to the visit i played jaguar land overcome that investment to reinvigorate the company to create jobs, create
4:45 am
growth is a good example of what can be done. i want to see it happening across, and wide range of industry but also across the country. >> tanf all the question -- [inaudible] 10% of doctors in the nhs -- we know doctors have been put off applying for work year and since then, of course, we have the vicious attacks an increase in hate crimes that prime minister for two. we need more doctors in the nhs. we have many unfilled training places. what is she going to say to reassure the eu nationals working in the nhs that we value them and say to people who should look at coming to work here? >> i'm pleased to say that under this government we have more doctors working in the nhs, the
4:46 am
number of doctors in the nhs has increased since we came into government. what i was in the position of the eu citizens is that i fully expect to be able to go -- while we are members, their status doesn't change. i fully expect and intend i want to be able to get the the status of the eu citizen. the circumstances in which a that would not be possible would be if the status of british citizens living in other eu states was not guaranteed. >> during her bilateral talks with president putin, did my honorable friend gently but firmly dispute him of the notion what around recently by a most others the leader of the opposition that this country is less committed than hitherto to a tomato treaty obligations, particularly article v? and as a country we remain fully committed to the autonomy and sovereignty of our partners, particularly the baltic states and poland? >> i and the government argued about the commitment we have to
4:47 am
nato and the can we have two articles like the as indicated earlier that is a central underpinning of nato, the joint security that we provide for each other. as members and it appeared i think many people will have been shocked and deeply concerned by the statement of the leader of the opposition when he suggested that we would not be signing up to the article v. it is as i say in underpinning of nato which insured on our national study but also a national center to of our alli allies. >> was there any discussions with the chinese about the acquisition of the global switch company by the chinese daily tech group? poses some secure to questions, wouldn't this acquisition also have some security issues? >> i answered the point about how i'm addressing the question of hinkley pointed.
4:48 am
>> london is the global leader in international shipping. international shipping law of course is at the heart of international treaty and as a former shipping lawyer i'm proud to know the great many london-based international shipping organizations. can invite the prime minister to ensure that her government may contact with these organizations based in london to ensure that we can get the best in international shipping deal with international trade? >> my own boyfriend refers to a number of organizations, based in london and important, very important organization in the whole question of shipping the i can assure my honorable friend that the department is looking
4:49 am
across all sectors of activity and ensuring that the views of the sectors will be taken into account as we develop our proposal for the relationship with the eu. >> on the have a steel workers in my constituency can i reiterate how disappointing it was children at the prime minister didn't raise with the chinese president specifically the overproduction of tiny steel? can we have a commitment from the country that will do everything we can now in the future to properly raise these issues? we need to prim the prime miniso this to protect our steel industry. >> i did raise the issue but i chose to raise in the plenary session so whimsically raised not just before the chinese president but also before the other leaders. and crucially what has come out of the g20 is an agreement set up this new form which we are looking at actions which leads to overcapacity and overproduction, and the chinese
4:50 am
will be a member of that forum. >> the efforts congratulate the prime minister focusing more on policy discussions at the g20 10 which is positioned -- could the prime minister confirm that whilst tackling international avoidance through the g20 is vital important, is also great deal we can be doing ourselves and, indeed, are doing? >> to that is absolutely, my friend if i. could i will commend my right of a friend from whitley for the steps he took as prime minister to encourage that own action in relation to tax avoidance here in the uk but also globally. it is an important issue we need to address and my friend is right, we must always look busy we can be doing here in the uk. >> with saudi arabia take failing to carry out an independent investigation into the potential breaches of these international unit in-laws, with
4:51 am
the prime minister exercise global leadership and call for the independent investigation to be held so we can find out what is going on in yemen? >> as i indicated earlier i did raise with the crown prince is underrated importance of ensuring that any allegations are properly investigated, but also reiterate the point i made earlier that we have a have a relationship with saudi arabia across a number of issues and the relationship we have with the meeting with the terrorism is important because it helps to keep the streets of britain the safe. >> my constituents are enormously encouraged by the international interest has been shown in signing free trade deals with the uk. david g20 discussions compromise -- confirm my suspicion it will only grow in doing that? with my friend agree with me that this particular spokesman of every member of the south to shout from the rooftops for jobs
4:52 am
for investment in this country? because my constituents of jobs are frankly not a matter of dogma. >> my honorable friend has spoken very well on this issue. i can confirm that i was what i think was very welcome was the way which a number of countries were coming up to me throughout the summit to say that they want to be sitting at a talking to the uk about trade disparate as he said this is a matter of dogma. it is a matter of jobs and people security, it is a matter of prosperity of this country. >> in her remarks on refugees, on migration, the prime minister refer to imagine efforts but not human rights. in those was under other words today was shielded do things like the cartoon process where it is, refugees in them in the horn of africa will be concentrated -- i countries government has been bombing their own people come every and
4:53 am
countries to give forces have been implicated already in there and trafficking? given office you said, where does the uk in relation to the cartoon process, will the uk continued to share that produce a map of the eu? >> in relation to the second part of the honorable gentleman's question, the chairmanship of the process will be moving away from the uk. it well i think from memory, it isn't just, won't be staying with either it will being on a rotation basis. so the uk is part, has been sharing a process there was consensus that the government i did have some secretary that is important for us if are going to deal with a significant movement of people that we simply significant movements of the economic migrants that we been seeing across the world and take into europe, we need to work with countries upstream.
4:54 am
we need to be dealing across the board ensuring the people of better opportunities in their home country so they don't feel the need to come to europe to grasp opportunities but also enjoying that we are working with prime minister companies to stop the terrible trait that is taking place in terms of those organized crime groups that are encouraging the illegal migration, the smuggling of people at human trafficking. it will continue to work across all of those. >> as we begin the process of leaving the eu, and given my right honorable friend's experience with the g20 coming particularly her conversations with the other world leaders, what is your view in terms of britain and maintaining a strong voice on the world stage after we left the eu and also our ability to lead discussions on the matter, the issues that matter to us? >> i say to my friend that what i saw from my discussion of the g20 is about as leaving the eu will not have a negative impact on us as a spokesman on the
4:55 am
world stage. indeed, i am very clear, i want to be, uk to be a global leader. seeing their many issues already where the uk has been at the forefront of discussions on issues like climate change, tax avoidance and evasion. i think it is important we continue to play that role with the fifth largest economy. we will be out there as a bold, confident, outward looking nation continue to play a key global role. >> does she have any discussions with others at the summit about how we might better protect civilian areas and particularly hospitals and other infrastructure that have been targeted in the press even using our assets and intelligence as well as putting and he met during airdrops if that's necessary, had she any further consideration to what we can do? >> i think we're all concerned about some activities we've seen taking place in syria. that's why as i indicated earlier we need to ensure that
4:56 am
we are putting all our efforts into trying to ensure that we can bring into this conflict because of the horrific impact it has had on millions of certain people, some of whom of course have left, some of them are still in the street, some of whom are living in appalling conditions under threat of action being taken against them from various forces. we need to redouble our efforts in relation to that. we do need to look and we do very clear, how we can increase the bill before you make an aide to get through to those who needed it badly, it proves come it is proving very difficult to put that into practice but our desire to continue to try to find ways of doing that is still there. >> did my right honorable friend the prime minister have the chance to discuss the issues of ukraine and crimea with the russian representation? at the recent seminar, as part of my nato duties, much evidence
4:57 am
havhas been presented as the cleansing of the crimean tartar people is happening on the biggest skill puzzle with some quiet harbor and his human rights abuses. if the prime minister has not had the opportunity to race at this stage could ask that she encourages her out right angle from the foreign secretary to look for close at this issue so that she can be prepared at the next g20 to raise this terrible situation which is happening right now in? >> the government's position in relation to what has happened in crimea has not changed, and i was able to refer to our position in the ukraine and a number of discussions i had but this'lthis will be a subject wil continue to return to. >> can asked whether the prime minister was lobbied at the g20 by the chinese and u.s. governments about ratifying the paris climate treaty as quick as
4:58 am
possible? >> the chinese and u.s. governments of course it did indicate their intention and their ratification of the paris agreement shortly before the g20 summit, summit started and i was clear with everybody it is our attention to ratify. >> i'm and encourage the prime minister has indicated a willingness of countries to instigate trade deals with the uk. but is she confident we have the correct number of officials and negotiators, and also people with a great experience to go to deliver these absolute critical trade deals? >> obviously over the years because of the position the uk was in the eu we did not have developed negotiated on trade ourselves but we are developing that within the department for international trade. i thought it was important to set up a separate department which could bring the expertise there, and we are looking at how we can ensure that we do indeed
4:59 am
develop that will be looking to increase the keys in the department -- increase the expertise in the department. >> refugees face psychological trauma that they're being systematically exploited and abused. what discussions took place to ensure their safety, to progress reunification and to meet our commitments under the amendment? >> the honorable lady is right to refer to the psychological impact that being a refugee can have on children. that is why as part of the support that we get as country to our she making it for refugees we do provide support of that sort to children. and it's one issues when we are looking of course at those refugees were being resettled here under our resettlement scheme, one of issues would look
5:00 am
at is the requirement and support and counseling that individuals might require as part of the relation to the medical discussions have been taking place with local authorities. this is a matter of course for the 19, to be look at and without i met a discussion of the g20. >> i very much welcome the statement by the prime minister. paragraph 44 of the committee gave a set of the study to attack all forced displacement of people to protect refugees. this time last year on this day i asked them to reminisce about the creation of safe havens and the protection of civilians fleeing see their i was told it was the right sort of thinking. was there a discussion of the g20 with other countries about the creation of safe havens whether now or in future conflicts? >> i understand the point my friend is making and the concept is sending out. i think what has been seen of course it is a difficult to look at some of these issues in
5:01 am
practice in terms of what is happening on the ground. but he's right we need to think carefully in the committee to reverse today's mass movement of people and we do need to think very carefully about the support we can provide for refugees which is of course why this country is by being the second biggest bilateral donor a relationship humanitarian aid to syria and refugees. >> given the prime minister's reluctance to outline her priorities for future negotiations, can you and foremost who you're consulting with the domestically and and social center to ensure that their views are represented in the negotiations? >> i've already indicated, we are looking cross sectors, consulting with different sectors of the economy on what their requirements are here but also say i'm very interested, game, that the honorable lady as an advocate for free trade and i suggest that she imparted to the
5:02 am
leader of her party who has taken the opposite the second and said his party is not to believe in free trade. >> this is the first opportunity to welcome the lady took place, he disappeared she talks about three economy and a manufacturing base in this country that's going to provide jobs and i concur. does she take into the account the effect of green taxes under the restriction on large manufacturers to ensure that we can compete properly on a level playing field around the world? >> i think my honorable friend for his welcome that he is given me, and can i assure them that what he is asking will indeed be taken into account. one of the benefits of bringing energy and climate change policy into the new departments of business energy and adoption strategy is that energy policy can be seen alongside requirements of this is an art
5:03 am
and osha strategies as develop developed. >> first things first i believe in free trade. negotiable to the first three trade pacts in the sensitivities that many of my constituents are employed at the nearby toyota plant in derby and they were very concerned by the comments of the japanese government about investment in the uk. if we did not have access to the single market. so can the prime minister tell us what conversations we had hae with the japanese about their concerns? cacannot ask her to take control of the brexit negotiations, to make sure that jobs and prosperity are not put at risk speak with the audible children must be them oldest and most long serving members in history of the house of commons. [laughter] >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i reassure the honorable gentleman that the negotiations
5:04 am
will be looking to ensure as i said a number of our answers i've given that we are, can see growth in jobs and prosperity in the united kingdom both relation to the relationship we will have with the european union post-brexit also the trade deals we will be able to do around the rest of the world. .. to enhance the trade
5:05 am
facilitation agreement is agreed and 23rd team. >> my honorable friend has made a good point there and certainly my right honorable friend from the secretary of state will be lucky not the issues that he has said he is raised and i can assure him in looking at these deals will be looking at every aspect to ensure what we get is the right deal that we are talking about will be the right io. >> given the prime minister's refusal, the question for my right honorable friend to remain members of the single market. will they be presented with any kinds of details of what it actually means? >> can i say to the arab agenda minis not going to give a
5:06 am
different answer from me. i will simply say this. if we are willing to negotiate the right deal for the united kingdom on trade in goods and services, it will be quite wrong for the government to give away negotiations in advance of negotiations. >> the prime minister in the u.k. employed by the honorable friend already mentioned the large manufacturing bases to local economies. she knows that huge uncertainty about our future relationship with the e.u. and the single market is creating. we also give another opportunity to say how she tried to mitigate those risks to investment and jobs. >> am grateful to the honorable lady because she reminds me i
5:07 am
did answer the question fully because he did refer and discuss these matters with prime minister abbé and the outcome of those discussions and desire to take forward discussions on how we can ensure the relationship with japan and that we can continue to see japanese investment in the u.k. we have to vote to leave european unions with 24 billion pounds takeover. >> first of all, can i commend for the hard work that has been done? the united kingdom of great britain and the exploited the ninth dates of america did does the prime minister agree the
5:08 am
product of the housecalls that the world is killing our oyster. >> i agree. are many products here from the united kingdom, which we can trade very well with the world and the quality product to take. >> the right honorable friend and she would've seen the reports that there is a lack of people with the necessary experience to negotiate trade deals in the u.k. is there something that is always in force to employ those necessary skills. >> as my answer to my honorable friend, i think it would enforce the trade deals through creation
5:09 am
of the department of international affairs. the department building at the expertise and will continue to do so. >> patcher grady. >> i don't know if there is any discussion of america's "star trek" or the 50th anniversary. if any of us want to live long and prosper, we must tackle climate change. given the u.s. and chinese commitment, do they abolish the u.k. department and explain the agreements. >> and all the discussions in the g20, "star trek" was never mentioned. i'm the point of ratification, we will be ratifying the paris agreement. but the commitment to the government's climate change can only be represented by a
5:10 am
separate department. it is not the case. the important point is we've taken energy and climate change and i think we will get a better, more strategic approach on these issues. i repeat the point that i made to the honorable lady and the prime minister's questions earlier, which is i would hope that the honorable gentleman is interested in trying to change your congratulate the government on what was done in relation to private change because they feel for print encouraging others to take action in relation to emissions. >> we read an issue in the bilateral session also. and she also had any discussions with the chinese delegation? what powers would they have? the house upon free trade which is communist and this tape on the industry and is using
5:11 am
measures a bay bridge for free trade. one only going to have immediate defense measures because for the last four to five years in explosion of the market has occurred with zero action. >> it is absolutely not true because the low question is significant and is also an issue for other industries as well. that's why it's important to be setup on which the chinese will be represented. just look at the various issues we've been doing some of the has certain answers. we secured energy cores, flexibility of the social economic factors taken into account when government successfully pressed for the instruction of duty is to protect u.k. still produce trade practices. there are many steps the government has taken and will
5:12 am
continue to take because we recognize the importance of the industry in the u.k. >> does she have a discussion with france and germany where they are likely to replace the city of london with the current trading relationship, when she does so, could she go back to consider it even burrow, which is the second largest financial center and a country with a government that is clear in the single market. >> well, i think this issue with scotland and whether it will be part of the european union single market post brexit, the decision taken on june 23rd with a decision of the people of
5:13 am
the united kingdom to leave european union. the best thing for growth and prosperity but scotland is to remain part of the united kingdom and i intend to make sure that when the u.k. has left the european union, we are able to seize opportunities across the whole united kingdom including scotland. >> the prime minister is right to use in some it's like the g20 to press for britain's case in a globalized economy. can i press just a bit further on the issue i raised and that is the bid for expo 2025 is partly my constituency. it took national pride, the united kingdom is a hosted expos in 1907 and before that it was a
5:14 am
great exposition in mind that. expo 2015 and milan brought in 22 million visitors in our city and a 7 billion pounds investment. will she made with the great combined authority counsel and myself and other members so that she can fully appreciate the benefit of written putting it a bit before the expo. >> can i just say 10 on 10 or 20 and 10 for effort in promoting manchester's potential host of expo and i listen very carefully to the probability. >> yes, mr. speaker, i do support free trade. i asked the prime minister britain as an onshore tax haven with lower house standards, lower environmental standards, lower labor rights or will she
5:15 am
ensure any bilateral trade agreements with america or canada does not contain new powers for transnational government companies to sue our government in response to protect our environment by our workers through the independence day. >> first of all, the honorable gentleman misrepresented t. tip which has happened before. we will be going out there to get the right deal in trade for the united kingdom with other countries around the globe. we have a real opportunity to be a global leader in that is what we will be. >> european union delegation to the g20 and we are delighted that the second european union free movement of people between one of its member states is going to invest with united kingdom leaves the european
5:16 am
union. that is the common travel. i circulated by the secretary of state on the floor of the house. to ireland and britain is built minted in 1949 which gives irish citizens born on foreign status in the united kingdom. >> the honorable gentleman has referred to a tribal area and discussions taking place with the irish government prior to the decision for us to leave the european union to consider how we can enhance and improve arrangements
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